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Dr. Phillip Kigodi: School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS), University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG),


Managing Editors:

Prof. Victor J. Temple: SMHS, UPNG (member of APAME) 

Prof. Lohi Matainaho: SMHS, UPNG


Associate Editors:

Prof. Francis Hombhanje: Divine Word University (DWU, PNG)

Assoc. Prof. Andrew Masta: SMHS UPNG


Specialty Editors:

Dr Nancy Buasi; SMHS University of PNG

Assoc Prof. J. Lauwo; SMHS, University of PNG

Dr. W. Linjim; SMHS, University of PNG

Mr. G. Gerega; SMHS, University of PNG

Prof. Z. S. C. Okoye: University of Jos, Nigeria

Dr. David K. O. Obatomi: London, England

Prof. B. O. Ogunbanjo: University of Malay, Malaysia

Prof. Clement E. Anyiwo: North American Higher Education Center for Postgraduate Studies, USA.

Dr. Reshma Suvarna: AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, India

Dr Alphonsus N. Onyiriuka: Department of Child Health, University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria.

Dr. Yama Oshiozokhai Eboetse: Department of Anatomy (Reproduction and Endocrine Unit), Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Assoc Prof. F. Muga: Division of Clinical Sciences, SMHS UPNG

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