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Pacific Journal of Medical Sciences Vol 18 No 2 June 2018

Click HERE for Full copy: Pacific Journal of Medical Sciences: Vol. 18, No. 2, June 2018:


CLICK HERE for Table of Contents: Pac J Med Sci. Vol. 18, No. 2, June 2018




AO Oyewopo, KS Olaniyi, AA Oniyide, BT Agunbiade, OM Oyeleke and FO Faniyan: Aqueous Extract of Sida Acuta Attenuates Nicotine-Induced Cerebellar Dysfunction in Adult Male Rats: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 3-14


O Temple, C Memehere, C Mana, R Saiyaipupu and J Simon: Does the Extent of Cortical Myelination at the Age of Onset of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) affect Students’ Academic Performance? A University of Papua New Guinea Case Study: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 15-34


S Hamid, Syed AH Andrabi and S Nabi: Hand Hygiene amongst Health Workers in a Teaching Hospital: A Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 35-41


WO Adebimpe, VA Okpede and MC Asuzu: Assessment of Adherence to the National Policy on Malaria Test, Treat and Track among Public and Private Health Facilities in Abuja Nigeria: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 42-54


AA Faruqui, K Choudhary, RM Kakalij: Targeting Postprandial Hyperglycemia with Fixed Dose Combination of Repaglinide and Voglibose in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 55-61


EI Obarisiagbon: Abuse and Neglect of Mentally Ill Destitute and the Burden of Rehabilitation in Benin Metropolis, Southern Nigeria: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 62-72


WO Adebimpe, TO Israel and AS Oluremi: Using Proteinuria and Urine Colour Intensity in the Diagnosis of Schistosomiasis in Resource Limited Communities in Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 73-81


C Kalkur, N Halim and AR Lakshman: Nevus Flammeus: A Rare Presentation with Oral Manifestation: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 82-85


DO Ogbolu, OA Terry Alli, AS Oluremi, OE Adedokun and AS Adedokun: Rapid Immunoassay Technique not Sufficient for Screening of Prospective Blood Donors for Viral Hepatitis: A Case Study in Osun State Nigeria: Vol 18, No 2, June 2018. pp 86-91

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